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FX Rates


  • The above information is T/T exchange rate which is for indicative only and is provided solely for reference purpose. Our staff will be pleased to provide the most suitable rates for you. The actual exchange rates for currency exchange transactions will be determined by our Bank at the time such transactions are effected.
  • Quotation of exchange rates (e.g. AUD/USD) represents conversion rate of 1 unit of Australian dollar to United States dollar while another format of quotation (e.g. USD/CAD) represents conversion rate of 1 unit of United States dollar to Canadian dollar. These quotation formats apply to all conversions between one currency and another currency.
  • Exchange rate displayed as "N/A" indicates information is currently unavailable. Please retry later.
  • The RMB quote is determined by the exchange rate for offshore RMB market in Hong Kong (CNH rate).
  • This service/product is not targeted at customers in the European Union.