You must be aged 18 or above

You must have a valid Dah Sing Bank Account (including Joint-name / Sole-name) / Credit Card / Cash Card

You must have a valid Phone Banking Service

You must provide a valid mobile phone number

You must provide a valid email address

Available to both PC and Mac users with internet connection. The following systems are recommended for best performance: Internet Explorer 8 or above; Mozilla Firefox 27 or above; Google Chrome 38 or above; Safari 7 or above; Mobile Safari 5 or above

Note to First Time or Reissue Password User

  1. If you are a first time user or have password reissued, please login with your Dah Sing Phone Banking password and activate your e-Banking password*.
  2. e-Banking service or i-Securities can only be accessed after the activation of your password*.
  3. Customers are required to provide a valid email address in order to use Dah Sing e-Banking and Mobile Banking Services. Customers who have not registered a valid email address with the Bank are required to provide the email address upon e-Banking registration before they can continue the e-Banking / Mobile Banking services registration.
  4. Please click here for e-Banking password tips.
  5. You shall refer to the security advice provided by the Bank from time to time and observe in a timely manner the relevant security measures in using the e-Banking Service as specified by the Bank on-line or otherwise from time to time.

*Note: For details of activating the account of e-Banking service during first time login, please click here to view the Registration Demo.

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