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To provide impeccable services and superior privileges, we are pleased to announce that a new Dah Sing ANA CARD will be launched in February 2018! Before the launch of the new card, the acceptance of card application is suspended at the moment. The details of the new Dah Sing ANA CARD is scheduled to be announced at this website by early next year. Stay tuned for more exciting offers to come.

All services for existing ANA CARD HONG KONG cardholders will remain unchanged and the accumulated ANA miles will be kept at your existing AMC account without any impact. A notification letter has been sent to all existing cardholders at their registered address with the Bank for further information of the transition and arrangement of replacement card at the end of December 2017.


Product Features

You will be closer to the trip to Japan with ANA Card HK Visa Platinum!

ANA Card HK Visa Platinum Card Conversion
All Local and Overseas Spending HK$ 8 = 1 mile

There is no limit for earning miles and you can redeem a round trip ticket to Japan with as low as 17,000 miles!

You can enjoy priority check-in service at Hong Kong International Airport Business Class check-in counter by simply presenting your ANA Card HK Visa Platinum (Valid for ANA group operating flight).

ANA Card HK Visa Platinum Principal Cardholders will receive an extra 25% mileage when using flights operated by the ANA Group.

  • 10% discount for ANA In-flight shopping
  • 10% discount at ANA group duty free shops at airports
  • Special offers at ANA Hotels and IHG ANA Co-branded Hotels
  • 10% discount at airport shops in Japan
  • 5% mileage bonus for ANA Premium Members
  • Easier way to receive ANA Bronze Service
  • Earn miles with Octopus Automatic Add Value Service ("AAVS")6


For more, plese check out ANA HK website.


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Subject to relevant terms and conditions. For details, please click here.

General Terms & Conditions:

  1. ANA Card HK Visa Platinum Cardholders who spend every HK$8 on retail transactions will earn 1 mile. Accumulated spending includes retail transactions and Octopus AAVS amount only. And excluding the following transactions, including but not limited to cash advance, autopay, "Happy Installment" installment amount, "Cash-in Plan" amount, Branch Cash-in amount, balance transfer amount, Stocks Investment Savings Plan, "Payeasy" bill payment, "Jet Payment" payment amount, tax payment, interest-free monthly installment amount, "Tap & Go" top-up amount, cheque payment amount (if applicable), bank handling fees (including but not limited to annual fee, financial charge, late fee and cash advance handling fee etc), casino transaction, unposted / cancelled / refunded and all unauthorized transactions. Dah Sing Bank, Limited ("The Bank") reserves the final decision on the applicability of the "Eligible Spending". The respective miles will be deducted if there is any cancelled or refunded transactions on the monthly statement. Calculation of mileage on retail spending and Octopus AAVS amount would be performed independently. Retail spending for Principal Card and Supplementary Card, based on the total retail spending shown on the credit card statement, will be calculated and converted to mile. For Octopus AAVS transaction, mileage will be awarded based on each top-up transaction i.e. 31 miles will be awarded for each HK$250 top-up transaction and 62 miles will be awarded for each HK$500 top-up transaction. Conversion of mile will be calculated down to the last integer and will be credited into the Principal Cardholder's AMC account at the end of the following month after the relevant credit card statement period.
  2. Foreign currency transaction and cross-border transactions in Hong Kong currency include transactions in Hong Kong Dollar or Foreign Currencies made outside of Hong Kong, transactions in Foreign Currencies made in Hong Kong and transactions at any merchant not registered in Hong Kong. Transactions made via the official website and other point of sales of ANA (even if conducted in Hong Kong and in Hong Kong currency) may be treated as cross-border transactions in Hong Kong currency and related transaction fee may be levied. Cardholders are required to understand the fees and charges that may arise from the purchase of the product or service of ANA before purchasing such product or service. Please refer to "List of Service Charges for Dah Sing Credit Card/Private Label Card" for details of the relevant charges.
  3. Dah Sing Bank will credit the awarded miles to the AMC Account according to the AMC Account Number provided by the Cardholders. The Username of the AMC account must be the same as the Principal Cardholder's name of the Credit Card. If the pertinent miles fail to be credited due to an incorrect Account Number or Username provided by the Cardholders, Dah Sing Bank will not be held liable and will not re-issue the pertinent miles.
  4. If Cardholders are unable to provide their AMC Account Number at the time of Credit Card application, ANA will arrange for a new account to be opened and to be used for miles conversion.
  5. For full Terms and Conditions of ANA Mileage Club, please contact ANA at (852) 2810-7100 or visit www.ana.com.hk.
  6. If the application is rejected, Dah Sing Bank is not required to provide any reason therefore.
  7. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.