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Please complete in English characters unless otherwise specified and select where applicable, and pay the company search fee and account opening fee online.

Please note that the Bank will charge the applicant an account opening fee, company search fee and additional fee (if applicable). The account opening fee payable for companies registered in Hong Kong and companies incorporated overseas is HKD 1,200 and HKD 10,000 respectively. The company search fee payable is HKD 200. If the applicant is identified as Special Company after company search, an additional fee of HKD 10,000 will be payable during the appointment of account opening at 328 Business Banking Centre. Any fee paid will not be refunded regardless of the result of application.
Special Company refers to but not limited to the following categories:

  • Company with 3 or more layers in its ownership / controlling structures, or
  • Company engages in money / currency exchange, money transfer or remittance agent services, or
  • Trust Account

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