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Beware of Fraudulent / Infringement Websites, Third-Party Weblinks and Phishing Emails, SMS Messages, etc. pretending to be from Dah Sing Bank, Limited

Dah Sing Bank, Limited (the "Bank") has become aware that fraudsters are / were operating fraudulent / infringement websites, Facebook pages and / or mobile applications ("Fraudulent Websites / Applications") which look very similar to the Bank's official website, and asked for account login credentials and / or other sensitive information. In some cases, they tried to trick customers or members of the public into clicking third-party weblinks directing to Fraudulent Websites / Applications, or to fraudulent public utility websites to make bill payments which in turn would direct customers or members of the public to another bogus website that looks very similar in design to the Bank's e-Banking webpage. Fraudster even issued phishing emails, SMS messages, etc., pretending them to be from the Bank and directed customers or members of the public to Fraudulent Websites / Applications.

The Bank hereby confirms and advises that the relevant Fraudulent Websites / Applications, third-party weblink, fraudulent public utility website, phishing email, SMS message, etc. have no connection with the Bank and any of its subsidiaries. The Bank and its subsidiaries shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with the relevant Fraudulent Websites / Applications, third-party weblinks, fraudulent public utility websites, phishing emails, SMS messages, etc.

The Bank wishes to remind customers and the public of the following:

The Bank has reported the cases of Fraudulent Websites / Applications, etc. to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Police Force. Any customer or member of the public who has provided, or suspects that he or she has provided, login credentials and / or personal / financial information to any of the Fraudulent Websites / Applications, third-party weblinks, phishing emails, bogus bank SMS messages and/or bogus bank hotline numbers, and / or have any doubt regarding the identity of any website or mobile app operator claiming to be our Group or the Bank, should promptly call the Bank's Security Alert Hotline on 2828 8159 for assistance.

If you have fallen prey to a scam, please immediately report to any local Police Station or reach Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the Police Force by calling the 24-hour "Anti-Scam Helpline 18222".

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