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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beware of Infringement Websites and Mobile Apps

It has come to the attention of Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited (the "Company") and its operating bank, Dah Sing Bank, Limited (the "Bank") that certain fraudster(s) is / are operating infringement digital platforms, including both website(s) and / or mobile app(s), without authorised usage of the brand of the Company and / or its subsidiary(ies) (the "Group") ("Infringement Digital Platforms"). Such Infringement Digital Platforms claim to offer various investment products and / or trading platforms. Customers and / or members of the public may be requested by such Infringement Digital Platforms to participate in related investment products, download software and / or mobile app(s), register for account(s), log in website(s) and / or mobile app(s) with personal information, perform transfer(s) of funds or conduct any other transactions.

We hereby confirm and clarify that the Group do not operate and have never appointed or authorised any agent or service provider to operate such Infringement Digital Platforms. The Group shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with such Infringement Digital Platforms and / or the platform operator thereof. Meanwhile, the Group hereby reiterates that the Hong Kong official website address and official email domain of the Group is and respectively, and the official website and official email domain for its subsidiary in China is and respectively. Customers and / or members of the public are reminded not to disclose any personal information and conduct any transactions on such Infringement Digital Platforms or any other suspicious websites or mobile apps without verification of the identity(ies) of the related website or mobile app operator(s).

The Group and its subsidiary in China have reported these cases to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Hong Kong Police Force and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission in Shenzhen respectively. Should any customer or member of the public have any doubt regarding the identity of any website or mobile app operator claiming to be the Group or the Bank, please immediately contact the Bank on +852 2828 8000 during office hours: Mon–Fri 9:00am - 10:00pm; Sat 9:00am - 5:30pm. For non-office hours, please call +852 2828 8159 for assistance. If you have fallen prey to a scam, please immediately report to the police in your local jurisdictions; in the case of Hong Kong, please immediately report to any local Police Station or reach Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the Police Force by calling their 24-hour "Anti-Scam Helpline +852 18222", and please remember to immediately change the login password(s) of your e-Banking and / or Mobile Banking account(s) in the Bank and its subsidiaries (if any).