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Required Documents for 328 Business Account Opening

Sole-Proprietorship or Partnership Registered in Hong Kong

Limited Companies Registered in Hong Kong

Organization / Society / Owner's Corporation Registered in Hong Kong


*Relevant Parties (individual) refer to Proprietor / Partners / Principal Shareholders / Beneficial Owners# / Directors / Persons Purporting to Act on behalf of the Customer^.

#Beneficial owner in relation to a legal person:

^Person Purporting to Act on behalf of the Customer is a person appointed to act on behalf of a customer to establish business relationships, or may be authorised to give instructions to conduct various activities through the account or the business relationship established

The list of required documents for account opening is for reference only. Additional documents / information may be required. All documents submitted are not returnable.

For organization type(s) other than the above, please contact 328 Business Banking Centre for account opening details.