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YOU Banking • Your Style

Save & Pay Swiftly • YOU Reward


Successfully open a YOU Banking account during the Promotion Period# and finish the easy steps of your choice to enjoy a Credit Card Cash Reward of up to HK$900 in total and take control of your new savings highway!

Reward Period

For the entire 6 consecutive months starting from the next calendar month of the account opening date

1st cycle : 1st to 2nd calendar month

2nd cycle : 3rd to 4th calendar month

3rd cycle : 5th to 6th calendar month

Designated Transaction per Cycle*

Any Type A Financial Management Service Transaction

One Type A Financial Management Service Transaction


One Type B Payment Service Transaction

Monthly New Fund Growth**

Reward of HK$50 for every HK$50,000 Growth

Reward of HK$100 for every HK$50,000 Growth

Credit Card Cash Reward of up to HK$300 for each cycle and up to HK$900 in total


#Promotion period until 31 March 2018.

*Please refer to the terms and conditions for the respective minimum transaction amount of each Designated Transaction. Type A's Financial Management Service Transactions refer to Payroll, Securities trading, Foreign exchange and Bill payment transaction. Type B's Payment Service Transactions refer to Dah Sing Jetco Pay, WeChat Pay, Dah Sing App Card AAVS, Apple Pay, Dah Sing UnionPay ATM Card Purchases, Samsung Pay and Android Pay™ transaction.

**Monthly New Fund Growth refers to "Savings Deposit Growth" which is calculated as the difference between the "Average Daily Savings Deposit Balance" and "Deposit Benchmark" for each month.

Pay Swiftly • UnionPay Reward


YOU Banking customers will be entitled to a 5% Cash Reward for every UnionPay POS transaction of HK$200 or above made by your YOU Banking ATM Card via the UnionPay network, with up to HK$100 Cash Reward in total on or before 30 April 2018. Available on a first-come-first-served basis!


Tips: Remember to tell the merchant that you want to pay via UPI network with your ATM Card. Then, enter the 6-digit PIN and sign the payment receipt! Learn more!

Refer Your Friends • Joyful Referral Rewards


Upon successful online registration and referral of your friends or relatives to open a YOU Banking account while fulfilling the designated requirements, you will enjoy an array of joyful rewards!

Referral Period

Period 2:
1 January 2018 to 31 March 2018

Number of
Successful Referrals

UA Tickets Reward

1 Referral
2 tickets per referral

2-4 Referrals
3 tickets per referral

5 Referrals or above
4 tickets per referral

Challenge Reward

The referrer with the most successful referrals
will have a chance to get a Nintendo SWITCH™!


In this e-Digital World, people are brought closer together in a paperless generation connected by computers and mobile phones. Dah Sing is bringing a brand-new referral experience for you to refer your friends to this new joyful world anytime anywhere through your mobile phone.

Take Control of Your Financial Management Style


Other Reward


360°Easy Payroll Service

  • Bonus savings interest rate up to 2%p.a.
  • Welcome reward of an up to HK$600 Cash Reward

Target Savings Deposit

  • Interest rate up to1.3%p.a.

Available on a first-come-first-served basis!

Financial Management Services


HK$100 Welcome Reward for opening a New Securities Account

HK$0 Brokerage Fee Waiver for Buy Trades for the first 3 months

Foreign Exchange

HK$50 Transaction Reward

Investment Fund

HK$100 Cash Reward for Online Subscription for any Investment Fund or Currency Linked Premium Deposit


HK$300 off 2nd Year Premium for designated Life Insurance Plans

ONE+ Credit Card

Up to HK$800 Welcome Reward


Go Green and enjoy Monthly Service Fee Waiver Reward


  • Opt-out for receiving paper statements to enjoy a Monthly Service Fee Waiver for the first year
  • Full-time university/tertiary institute students will even enjoy an extended 4-Year Monthly Service Fee Waiver

Online Upgrade


Successfully online upgrade and use e-statement only to enjoy HK$100 Cash Reward!



Service Features

  • No application required, the e-Statement Service has been automatically opted-in for you!
  • YOU Banking e-Statements clearly and neatly consolidate all transaction records

With your Dah Sing Mobile App, all the bank services you need are just a click away, 24 hours a day. Wealth management is now a piece of cake, as you can check account balances, transfer funds, make fee payments and carry out other transactions wherever you are in the world!

Receive e-Receipts instantly after using an ATM or Dah Sing Cash and Cheque Deposit Machine. Checking bank records has never been simpler, more convenient or more environmentally-friendly!

  • Up to HK$5,000 No-Bounced Cheque / Autopay Protection for your peace of mind
  • Enjoy lots of convenience for spending and wealth management just by "dooding" your complimentary Dah Sing Octopus YOU Banking App card - which combines both Octopus and ATM Functions
  • 24x7 Automated Phone Banking and e-Banking services

You can earn YOU Points with every eligible banking transaction. You can even enjoy up to HK$1,200 of credit card cash reward, the higher the transactions number, and the longer the duration, the more YOU Points you will gain.

The more transactions, the more rewards you can get!

Type of Eligible Transactions YOU Points Earned
Autopay of Bill Payment
(for each autopay of bill payment transaction of at least HK$1,000)
Dah Sing Octopus App Card's Reload with Automatic Add Value Service ("AAVS") Transaction
(for each AAVS transaction)
Payroll Transaction through Autopay
(for payroll transaction(s) in a calendar month)
Eligible Payroll Transaction through Standing Instruction
(for payroll transaction(s) in a calendar month)
Securities Buy Transaction via Dah Sing "i-Securities" / "Mobile Securities"
(for every single transaction amount of HK$25,000^)
Bill Payment Transaction*
(for transaction of cumulative bill payment amount of HK$500 or above^ under the same bill number in a calendar month)
Fund Transfer to Dah Sing Bank's Deposit Account through e-Deposit via Dah Sing e-Banking
(for every single deposit transaction amount of HK$5,000)
Fund Transfer to Other Bank's Deposit Accounts* (Transfer Free and Transfer Express only)
(for each fund transfer transaction amount of at least HK$5,000)
Buy / Sell Foreign Currency Transaction*
(for every single debit transaction of HK$5,000^)
YOU Banking Birthday Privilege
Birthday surprise: You can have your YOU Points doubled for the month of your birthday if you have been using your YOU Banking account for at least 1 year and have maintained a YOU Balance# of at least HK$50,000 for every month over the past 12 months.
X 2


From saving YOU Points to enjoying benefits, simply log on to your Dah Sing e-Banking or Mobile Banking account anytime and anywhere to carry out the relevant checks and redeem your YOU Points for attractive cash rewards.


The longer you have been our YOU Banking Customer, the more cash rewards you can redeem with YOU Points!

Period of Time for which You Have Been Our YOU Banking Customer
(Count from the next calendar month upon account opening)
Monthly YOU Balance over the Past 12 Months Cash Reward for
1 YOU Point
1 year or more HK$50,000 or above HK$1
5 years or more HK$100,000 or above HK$5
10 years or more HK$150,000 or above HK$10

* Such Eligible Transaction must be executed via Dah Sing e-Banking or Mobile Banking
^ Transaction amount is calculated in Hong Kong dollar or its equivalent.
# The average daily positive balance of all your savings and current accounts maintained with Dah Sing Bank in the capacity as primary account holder in a calendar month (excluding fixed deposit).

  • YOU Banking offers interest-bearing HKD Current Account that not only provides basic savings interest but also come with bonus savings interest rate of 0.125% p.a. if you use designated banking services. This means you own an account offering both savings interest and the convenience of writing cheques.
  • And this is complemented with a Multi-Currency Savings Account that allows you trades in up to 14 foreign currencies (including RMB). You select the currencies and the denomination of your savings. This account also offers daily compound interest calculation and monthly interest payments to give you higher interest returns.
  • 10 free-of-charge fund transfers to other banks through CHATS using the "Transfer Express" service via Dah Sing e-Banking or Mobile Banking
  • Handling fee waiver for purchasing gift vouchers
  • 50% discount on Private Car Insurance Premium
  • 30-day Free Accidental Death Insurance (insured amount of HK$100,000)

The New Generation Motto

Online Upgrade to YOU BankingSharing with real friends who feel what you feelBreak free from the cash drain loopSometimes, you may be better off realising your plan step by step
Good friends are hard to come by. Even more so for great partners!Don’t be too smart, but be smart enough to make things easy!

Work-life balance is a matter of choice


Have you come to realise that late sleepers are quite all over the place. Very often, they don't want to go to bed early just because they want to have a little bit more personal space. Well, actually, making good use of digital tools can go a long way to simplifying day-to-day financial chores and buy you more time for something else in your life! Dah Sing YOU Banking provides a host of digital banking aids, such as our e-Bill and IPAY Payment Platform, to make financial management a piece of cake for you. So, you can really enjoy a work-life balance!

Sharing with real friends who feel what you feel


When you see a funny video clip, you'll probably share it with friends instantly. When you visit a newly opened restaurant, you probably can't wait to share some delicious snapshots online. When you come by any latest offers, you'll probably forward the e-coupons to your pals immediately. Yes, this is a digital generation in which it is amazingly easy to share nice experiences with others. At the same time, having friends who feel what you feel is something amazing too.

To help spread the joy of sharing, Dah Sing YOU Banking has put up an online referral portal. By referring your friends and family to open a YOU Banking account, you can receive an array of rewards, including a chance to get a Nintendo – SWITCH™ for the referrer with the most successful referrals!

Your referees will also enjoy a welcome offer of up to HK$2,950 and a bonus savings interest rate of up to 2% p.a. Now, it's time to share this nice experience!

Break free from the cash drain loop


Every month, do you hate to see your paycheck money drain away, while your bank account balance is stuck at rock-bottom? How can you make a "prison break" from this dreadful situation?
It's easy to break free! As a new customer, open a YOU Banking account and apply for the 360° Easy Payroll Service to manage your payroll and finances at one go. A Welcome Offer of up to HK$6,800 plus a 2% Bonus Savings Interest Rate will be yours!

Sometimes, you may be better off realising your plan step by step

Fresh graduates are often full of ideas. Find a good job, take a long-distance trip, save money to realise dreams in the future…Yet, it can be very demanding to get so many things done at the same time. By the way, haste makes waste! You may be better off taking your time to think through the way forward and plan ahead. Then make your way towards your goal step by step!
With Dah Sing YOU Banking Target Savings Deposit, you can build your savings gradually to achieve your target in a 52-week challenge. No matter how big your dream is, now you can realise it step by step! Let's see how to get started!

Good friends are hard to come by. Even more so for great partners!


The older we get, the more we realise what a blessing it is to have some like-minded partners! As a university student, you may want to have team members who work things out together. As a member of the workforce, you may want to have colleagues whom you can talk to. In the wide wild world, you may want to have good friends who support you…A great partner is not easy to come by. So do treasure your great partner when you happen to meet one!
Let Dah Sing "Power Trade" Securities Services be your investment partner! YOU Banking customers who open a new securities account will enjoy a HK$100 Reward plus a Buy Trade Brokerage Fee Waiver for the first 3 months!

Don’t be too smart, but be smart enough to make things easy!


In Hong Kong, efficiency is the key. Being able to get things done smartly and easily is what matters! Spotting the shortest queue, getting the MRT exit nearest to the destination, going to the restaurant nearby with no queue…Well, making snappy moves does not mean going about in a mindless hurry! It’s okay to cut corners…well by playing smart! Making things easy is the art of living!
Dah Sing YOU Banking is an all-in-one account for your banking and payment transactions. With one single account, you can receive payroll, pay bills, save and spend as well as carry out securities and foreign exchange buy/sell transactions. It’s so smart and convenient. You can earn YOU points easily on every transaction and then convert them into a credit card cash reward of up to HK$1,200 per year. Being able to earn rewards so easily is what it means to be playing smart!



YOU Points (Chinese Version only)

YOU Points (Chinese Version only)

YOU Banking (Chinese Version only)

YOU Banking (Chinese Version only)


Online Application Rewards

Online Appointment

  • Receive a b. yourself CAFÉ Mini Cake Voucher
  • 15-Minute~ Speedy Account Opening

Upgrade to
YOU Banking

  • Upgrade to YOU Banking and opt out for paper statement to enjoy HK$100 Cash Reward
  • Only Applicable to the customer who is holding a single name i-Account and Dah Sing e-Banking

~ Customer is required to make online appointment and bring along the documents required to branch for 15-minute speedy account opening, but subject to the actual situation.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!


Subject to relevant terms and conditions. For details, please click here.