Important Notice
Important Notice

Malware Alert

We have discovered a malware that may affect users of Dah Sing Bank e-Banking / i-Securities service. This malware may spread through phishing emails with malicious attachment. When the said malicious attachment is opened, the malware infects the customers' computers. Once customers' computers are infected, the malware will attempt to steal the customers' credentials such as Credit card number, expiry date, CVC2, credit limit and date of birth by prompting a new screen requesting for such credentials during logon of e-Banking / i-Securities.

If you encounter the above issue or suspect that your computer has been infected, please be advised to take following actions:

  • Do not input any information to any unusual pop-up screen
  • Do not log in or proceed with any transactions on e-Banking / i-Securities services until the computer is disinfected
  • Install antivirus software and make sure the virus definition file is up-to-date
  • Scan and clean up your computer with the antivirus software before trying to log in e-Banking / i-Securities again

If you suspect that your computer has been infected and credentials have been captured, please promptly call the Security Incident Hotline at 3101 3111.

For more information about internet security, please click here.