Dah Sing UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

Extend the spending rewards from Hong Kong to China
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Product Features

  • Both HKD and RMB credit card account in one single credit card to save currency exchange cost.
  • Local or Overseas transactions would be settled in HKD. Transactions made in China would be settled in RMB.

Dah Sing UnionPay Dual Currency Card is welcomed by over 150 countries & markets around the world, while accepted by over 16.7M merchants in China with UnionPay logo. The coverage of UnionPay Credit Card reaches 90% in Hong Kong and Macau with acceptance from over 157,000 merchants.

Enjoy Overseas Transaction Handling Fee Waiver for spending at China or Oversea!

Cash Advance at over 100M ATMs in China with UnionPay logo*
*Handling fee will be charged for each Cash Advance transaction, please refer to related services charge schedule details.


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Subject to relevant terms and conditions. For details, please click here.

"Cash Rebate" Scheme:

  1. "Cash Rebate" will be counted based on every single transaction amount. Cardholders can enjoy HK$1 Cash Rebate for every HK$200 spending and there is no Cash Rebate for single transaction amount less than HK$200.
  2. "Cash Rebate" is applicable to retail transactions and Octopus AAVS. The following transactions are not eligible for any Cash Rebate, including but not limited to cash advance, autopay, "Happy Installment" installment amount, Cash-in Plan amount, Branch Cash-in, balance transfer amount, Stocks Investment Savings Plan, "Payeasy" bill payment amount, "Jet Payment" payment amount, tax payment, interest-free monthly installment amount, "Tap & Go" top-up amount, cheque payment (if applicable), bank handling fee (including but not limited to annual fee, financial charge, late fee and cash advance handling fee etc), casino transactions, unposted / cancelled / refunded and all unauthorized transactions. The "Cash Rebate" offer shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement. The Bank reserves the final decision on the applicability of the Cash Rebate.
  3. "Cash Rebate" earned by Cardholders will be credited into cardholders credit card account. If customers cancel or charge off relevant transactions after posting "Cash Rebate", the Bank reserves the right to debit the amount equivalent to the value of "Cash Rebate" given to customers from the credit card account without prior notice.
  4. "Cash Rebate" that posted into credit card account is only applicable for settling new purchases, and cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.
  5. The Bank will determine the eligibility of Cardholder for entitlement of Cash Rebate based on the Cardholders' transaction records held with the Bank.
  6. Cardholders are required to keep all relevant original sales slips. In case of any disputes, the Bank reserves the right to request Cardholders to submit the relevant original sales slips for inspection. All sales slips submitted to the Bank will not be returned.
  7. In case of the RMB Account of CUP Dual Currency Card, the currency unit of above mentioned spending and rebate amount will be in RMB. The eligible spending amount of HKD account and RMB account in the same Dah Sing "My Favorite Merchant" CUP Dual Currency Credit Card will be counted separately.
  8. The Bank reserves the final rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. All matters and disputes will be subjected to the final decision of the Bank.