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Perpetual Annuel Fee Waiver

The Promotion Period is from now to 31 December 2018


Product Features

Combines the function of membership and credit card, to enjoy every member services by simply presenting ACCA Credit Card. It is convenient that your membership number will also be embossed on credit card.

  • You can earn HK$1 cash rebate for every HK$250 spent with the Card.
  • What's more, you can earn 2X cash rebate (HK$2 cash rebate for every transaction of HK$200) for spending on your birthday or payment of any ACCA charges.

Dah Sing Bank will donate a portion of spending amount to the ACCA Charitable Foundation Limited. This charitable foundation will make donation to the needy of society.


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To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Subject to relevant terms and conditions. For details, please click here.

Terms and Conditions of ACCA Credit Card:


  1. A. "Cash Rebate" is applicable to Principal Card Cardholders and Supplementary Card Cardholders of The ACCA credit card issued by Dah Sing Bank ("the Bank")("Eligible Credit Card") . The "Cash Rebate" will be credited to the credit card accounts respectively.
    B. "Cash rebate" is only applicable to retail purchase and Octopus Automatic Add Value Service amount ("Eligible transactions") and excluding the following transactions, including but not limited to cash advance, autopay, "Happy Installment" installment amount, "Cash-in Plan" amount, Branch Cash-in amount, balance transfer amount, Stocks Investment Savings Plan, "Payeasy" bill payment, "Jet Payment" payment amount, tax payment, interest-free monthly installment amount, "Tap & Go" top-up amount, cheque payment amount (if applicable), bank handling fees (including but not limited to annual fee, financial charge, late fee and cash advance handling fee etc), casino transaction, unposted / cancelled / refunded and all unauthorized transactions. Dah Sing Bank, Limited ("The Bank") reserves the final decision on the applicability of the "Cash rebate".
    C. Cardholders can earn HK$1 cash rebate for every HK$200 eligible transaction with the eligible credit card.
    D. Cardholders can earn extra HK$1 cash rebate for every HK$200 transaction with the eligible credit card made on birthday. The extra Cash Rebate on birthday will be calculated by respective cardholders (Principal Cardholders can enjoy extra Cash Rebate upon spending on Principal Cardholder's birthday; while Supplementary Cardholders can enjoy extra Cash Rebate upon spending on Supplementary Cardholder's birthday).
  2. All matters and disputes will be subjected to the final decision of the Bank and participating merchants.
  3. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.