Management Trainee Program
Management Trainee Program

Management Trainee Program

Appointed trainees will go through a 2-year comprehensive program to equip them to be our future leaders. The program allows trainees to express their preference in respect of the business stream or function they are most interested in joining. It also offers diversified learning opportunities to help trainees map their path to success.


Learn through training

  • Classroom training/E-learning
  • Banking products, systems & operations
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership
  • Service quality
  • Effective selling
  • Professional grooming



  • Financial institutions
  • Regulators

Learn from others

  • Mentoring program
  • Coaching & support from management
  • Meeting with senior management
  • Team building activities

Learn from experience

  • Job rotation within own division
  • Cross-divisional attachment
  • Branch attachment
  • On-the-job training
  • Stretch projects & assignments