Dah Sing Bank, Limited - About Us - About Dah Sing Group
The Dah Sing Group is a leading financial services group in Hong Kong, active in providing banking, insurance, financial and other related services in Hong Kong, Macau and the People's Republic of China. The Dah Sing Group consists of two listed companies, Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited ("DSFH"), which has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1987, and Dah Sing Banking Group Limited ("DSBG"), which has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2004 and in which DSFH is the majority shareholder.

DSFH is the holding company for the group's life and general insurance business, which are operated through Dah Sing Life Assurance Company and Dah Sing Insurance Company (1976) in Hong Kong, and Macau Insurance Company and Macau Life Insurance Company in Macau, offering a wide range of life and general insurance services in the two markets.

DSBG has three banking subsidiaries (Dah Sing Bank, Banco Comercial de Macau and Dah Sing Bank (China) Limited), providing banking and financial services through a branch network of around 70 branches over Hong Kong, Macau and China, and a securities trading company.

The vision and mission of DSBG are:

The local bank with a personal touch, growing with our customers in Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta and beyond.

  • To create value for our customers by providing quality products and excellent service.
  • To grow with our employees through mutual commitment.
  • To increase shareholder value through sustainable returns on capital.

Dah Sing Bank, DSBG's major banking subsidiary, is the strategic investor holding approximately 15% interest in Bank of Chongqing, which is a leading city commercial bank in Chongqing, the largest city in Western China. Bank of Chongqing is operating mainly in Chongqing with a branch network of over 100 branches.

Dah Sing Bank's long term rating assigned by Moody's and Fitch is "A3" and "BBB+" respectively.