Comprehensive mortgage plans at your own choice!
To serve your different financial needs, Dah Sing Bank provides you with a variety of comprehensive mortgage loan plans. Application is opened for residential unit, aged building, commercial unit, industrial unit, shop and village house etc., which enables you to easily buy your own property and obtain extra financial flexibility. Your dreams can be accomplished in a minute!
Residential Mortgage ( Including New Purchase from Primary Market / Secondary Market & Refinancing ) & Other Mortgage Privilege Offers
Privileged Interest Rate as low as

Cash Bonus as high as
(base on loan amount)

Plan 1 - Low Interest Rate
As low as P -2.9% 2
Plan 2 Low Early Redemption Fee
As low as P-2.25% for entire loan tenor
Not Applicable
Combines a savings account, current account and mortgage in one account. Mortgage interest rate can be as low as P-2.5% and current account entitles deposit rate same as mortgage rate
Plan 4 - HIBOR Mortgage Plan
As low as HIBOR+0.5% p.a. for entire loan tenor (Customer can switch to P-2.75% p.a.
within loan tenor)

Other Privileges

First-year fire insurance premium waiver and first 6-month premium waiver for the “ProperSure” Household Contents Insurance4.


Dai Sing Credit Card Annual fee waiver


Loan amount can be up to 95% 5


Repayment term up to 30 years

Offer Terms and Conditions
  1. The above offers are only applicable to private residential properties and is not applicable to mortgages for Home Ownership Scheme, Tenant Purchase Scheme, commercial properties, industrial properties and carparks, etc. For terms & conditions of Mortgage Loan offers, please contact the staff of Dah Sing Branches.
  2. This offer only applies to
    (1) VIP customers OR;
    (2) Those customers with HKD$500,000 or above deposit balance in our Bank OR;
    (3) Customers who hold/ choose 2 or more products/services of Dah Sing Bank.
  3. Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate is the reference rate of the HIBOR Mortgage Loan Plan.
  4. The offer of the “ProperSure” Household Contents Insurance are valid until September 30, 2008. The above offers only applicable to insured with Dah Sing General Insurance Company Limited. For terms and conditions of the offers, please contact the staff of Dah Sing Branches.
  5. Loan ratio over 70% and up to 95% will only be offered to mortgage loan under HKMC's Mortgage Insurance Programme.
  6. P refers to Dah Sing Bank Hong Kong Dollar Prime Rate.
  7. The bank reserves the rights to revise the above privileged offers without prior notice.
  8. The above mortgage plans should be bounded by the relevant terms and conditions. For details, please contact the staff of Dah Sing Branches.
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