Brand New Hello Kitty Transparent VISA

Colourful cardface design together with the unique transparent effect brings out the cutest face of Hello Kitty that you ever seen.

Hello Kitty Transparent VISA
Hello Kitty Transparent VISA Platinum

Terms & Condition for Welcome Gift

As a Hello Kitty Principal Cardholder, you can enjoy the Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service with a uniquely designed Hello Kitty personalized Octopus Card with no application charge. HK$250 or HK$500 will automatically transferred from your Hello Kitty VISA account to your Personalized Octopus Card when its remaining value is insufficient to cover the fare, saving you the trouble to recharge your Personalized Octopus Card at machines and counters.

Issue cheques that will be posted to your Hello Kitty Credit Card account, and enjoy a 50-day Interest-free Repayment period while enhancing your cash flow.

Smile Club invites you to the Sanrio Japan Exhibition! Not only you will receive the latest news of Sanrio, but also get to see the latest Sanrio products in advance.
  Every HK$1 spent with Hello Kitty VISA will be rewarded with 1 bonus point; Double bonus point will be rewarded on birthday date. With the bonus points you can redeem the newest Hello Kitty items and cash coupons of renowned merchants or air miles (every 12 bonus point for 1 mile).
  Hello Kitty celebrates your birthday with you by presenting special birthday offers at allied merchants such as ~H2O+, Aqua Beauty, Oasis Beauty, Sure Slim, Oasis Spa, Strawberry Plus, Strawberry Forever and Imperial Birdís Nest.

Staying charming and trendy with the latest fashion information and newest privileges provided to you by Hello Kitty VISA.

  Upon accumulated spending of HK$30,000 annually, you will be entitled to a free medical check up4 to let you stay beauty and healthy all the time.

(For the details of Smile Club offer, please refer to promotional leaflet)
Hello Kitty VISA Card offers you with distinguished offer, you can enjoy the fun and happiness of shopping for whole year.

Cash-in Plan 6 -You can convert your credit limit into extra cash, and deposited in your designated personal bank account, ensuring that you have sufficient cash to make your dreams come true. At a super low handling fee, you can select a flexible interest-free repayment period of 12 or 24 months to help manage your card payments.
You will be automatically enrolled in our Credit Card "STAR Rewards Program" and will enjoy a wide range of specially selected and truly splendid rewards and privileges.
"Happy Installment"7 - Spend HK$800 or above at any merchants and you can enjoy a 12-month Interest-free Installment Plan at a low monthly handling fee
Comprehensive e-banking services 8
Credit Card Payment Protection Plan
"SMS Alert Service" and short message display
Enjoy up to 50 days Interest-free Repayment Period

Terms and Conditions
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